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Sistema automático de alimentação de aves de capoeira para agricultura

Informação básica

Modelo: H-type broiler chicken cage

Descrição do produto

Sistema automático de alimentação de aves de capoeira para agricultura

Item H type Broiler Chicken cage
Type H type 3 layers H type 4 layers
110 110
Cage size 300*180*45cm 300*180*45cm
Fitting Cages, front frame,end frame, water pipe,drinkers, feeders, auto-feeding system,automatic manure disposal system, automatic drinking system, other Necessary fittings
Material Q235
Within 30days shipping after received payment 
Export area Europe, southeast Asia, Africa, Australia etc;
1. Sistema de gaiola

Scope                      Broiler chicken cage
Components cage, stand,manual feeder system,nipple drinker system, manure scraper
Features 1. Automated controlled system
2. High rearing efficiency
3. Designed for rearing and growing
4. Fully use of space & save investment
5. High stock density
6. Highly corrosion resistant
7. Strong frame and longlife usage
8. Cost efficient feeding, drinking and labor
9. Comfortable environment
10. Low disease and death rate
11.Good daylight and Ventilation
12. Easy maintenance and operation

2. Sistema de alimentação automática
Feeding Tower System of Broiler Chicken Cage
1.Store food, labor saving
2.Good looking, easy to operate
3.South Africa packing auger,durable

3. Sistema de beber automático
                     Drinking System of Broiler Chicken Cage
1.Suck nipple is in separate net,so both sides of the chicken can peak
2.Reasonable design,the water follow can be adjusted completely         
 according to the water requirement of chickens.As a result,the
 manure is dry and convenient to move,ensure good environment of     
 the chicken house
3.High quality water pipe, never burst in water
4.The height of young chicken cage's water pipe can be adjusted
 according to the growth of chicken
5.Medicine can be added to the drinking system

4. Sistema automático de descarte de estrume
                       Manure Removal System of Broiler Chicken Cage
1.Reasonable design, easy to operate
2.Galvanizing scraper blade,durability is 15-20 years,never go rusting
3.The conveyer belt transports manure directly to the truck,save labor     
 ,ensure the clean chicken house 
4.The material of the conveyer belt is importing corrosion protection   
 PU/PE,no transformation

5. Sistema de controle do meio ambiente
                                             Ventilator   Fan
1.Standard parts like are washers are made of stainless steel, no rust, beautiful appearance. The outer frame is made of hot galvanized plate to avoid rust .
2. Fan blade is made of krupp stainless steel. Thickness:1.2mm,surface finish grade:AB
3. Linking parts are made of aluminum alloy, light weight, not deformation. Wear-resistant shaft sleeves reduce clearance and frication; the spring is made of 304 stainless steel, long life service, no deformation, no rust
4. Aluminum alloy casting motor,good heat dissipation,light weight,high efficienc Energy effciency level

   Item                                  Cooling Pad
 Features 1.Use the new material and the space crossing linking technology,high
 absorbability,high water-resistant,anti-mildew and long service life
2.Large evaporative area,cooling efficiency as high as 80%
3.The products contain surface active agent,natural water absorbability
 fast pervasion speed,lasting effectiveness.A drop of water can diffuse
 in 4-5 seconds.Height of absorb:60-70mm/5minutes, 200mm/1.5hours,can
 achieve International standard.
4.The products don't contain phenol which easy to skin allergy and other
 chemical substances,when installed non-toxic harmless to human boby,
 energy saving,environment protection and economic applicable.
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